Strategic Consulting and Executive Mentoring as a Service

A superior business strategy allows a company to earn extraordinary profits and beat the competition in the marketplace. SeedFire team’s extensive industry acumen enables them to provide unique insight to businesses on high-level decisions (“What do we do?”) and helps these businesses to create that superior strategy.

Our Strategic Consulting Services team will not only help you think through the strategies required to execute on your business objectives but also assist you in creating the blueprint / architecture necessary to support your strategy, including building processes, capabilities and metrics.

Of course, a superior strategy is useless unless it is vigorously implemented in the day to day operations of the company with a focus on execution (“How do we do it?”). The two have to be aligned for achieving extraordinary results.

Our Executive Mentoring service bridges that gap between strategy and execution by working closely with the CEO and the operating executives by creating a strong sense of trust and openness and willingness to say what has to be said. The mentor provides periodic, objective feedback on the implementation of the strategy and also recommends timely remedies where appropriate.

  • Product Strategy and Technology Leadership
  • Technology Planning and Product Development Process
  • Innovation – improving the customer experience or creating a new product or service
Sales and Marketing
  • Business Models
  • Market Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances
  • Customer Acquisition and Channel Identification
  • Naming and Branding
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Founder, CEO and Management Coaching
  • CXO level operational guidance and participation
  • Board level participation for executive mentoring, strategic planning and decision making
  • Fund-raising Guidance – Investor deck preparation, critique and fine tuning
  • Investor identification, sourcing, acquisition and negotiation
  • Exit strategy and M&A Advisory