Market Development, Sales and Customer Support for Indian Markets

Single Window Business Solutions for companies planning to do business with India

Entering new market is a key growth decision for all businesses. It is important to understand the market before making strategic decisions with far-reaching consequences. We extend complete support, tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies to successfully enter the Indian market.

The spectrum of services includes
  • Market Entry Strategy Formulation

    Minimize the risks of entering a new market by creating a market analysis of customer needs and preparing a business case

    SeedFire enables its customers to competently develop a profound market entry strategy. This helps in accurately assessing the potential of the growth opportunity leading to better and quicker decision making. Result is maximizing potential new revenues and avoiding costly mistakes.

    We enable our customers to assess the growth potential through comprehensive market analysis that includes Location Analysis, Market Potential Analysis, Competition Analysis, Product Range Analysis and Price Analysis. We collaborate with market research experts to provide credible and comprehensive data.

    SeedFire enables companies to
    • Identify and assess key business and investment opportunities
    • Develop market entry options such as organic expansion or expanding through acquisitions
    • Establish right connects with potential clients and strategic partners through our extensive networks
    • Qualify the opportunity and estimate the cost of capturing that opportunity
  • Business Partners Acquisition Services

  • Marketing Strategy Formulation & Execution

  • Sales Services

  • Representation and Liaison Office Service

  • Corporate Services