SeedFire Venture Advisors works closely with startups and early stage companies to enable them to succeed in their market place. We provide various types of services to such companies along with the capital wherever necessary.

We have a carefully drawn evaluation process for the entrepreneurs to ensure that we are engaging with the right companies. We work with a select few companies act as a strategic advisor and trusted partner, and work hard to enable them change the world. Many of these opportunities are often local and unpublished. Our active collaboration with incubators, accelerators, angel investors, crowd funding sites in the hot beds of innovation provide us visibility to the best investment deals on an ongoing basis.

The funding needs of the startups in different sectors and stages vary though each wants to ensure that their ideas become reality and the business creates great market value. We, at SeedFire, prepare the startups so they can effectively raise the required funds and in many cases we endeavor to bridge this venture capital gap with our own funds.

We are always open to collaborate with like-minded investors and co-invest along with them. Please feel free to connect with us at to explore opportunities to collaborate.