SeedFire typically invests in the pre-seed stage and implements an execution model that requires highly active collaboration among the entrepreneurs and the seed investors. Though generally sector agnostic, SeedFire invests in the fields of Enterprise IT, software (cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, infrastructure, eCommerce, social, mobile), communications and healthcare.

While investing, we seek breakthrough technologies and entrepreneurs with a vision that could make a real difference in their sectors.


SeedFire receives 30 to 40 new proposals every month – across various industries. We have a carefully drawn evaluation process for the entrepreneurs to ensure that we are engaging with the right companies.

We work with a select few companies acting as a strategic advisor and trusted partner, and work hard to enable them to change the world. Our active collaboration with incubators, accelerators, angel investors, crowdfunding sites in the hotbeds of innovation provides us visibility to the best investment deals on an ongoing basis.