Business Incubation

We provide support in business planning, staff augmentation, prototype development, training & development, advice on intellectual property and customer validations from the market. We also facilitate collaboration with incubators & accelerators to reduce the start-up time and encourage cross-pollination.

  • Innovation and Ideation
  • Investor deck / business plan preparation: It is important that your idea and business plan / investor deck stand out from hundreds of plans that a typical investor looks at during a course of a year. As entrepreneurs with successful exits and active angel and seed investors, we have a unique perspective on what it takes to get a business funded, especially in the initial stages, in today’s highly competitive markets. Combining that with direct experience as operating executives enables us to provide executive mentoring with early stage companies from ideation through M&A
  • Investor identification, sourcing, acquisition and negotiation
  • Market validation and initial customer acquisition