Angel Investment

Investment Strategy

SeedFire typically invests in the pre-seed stage (immediately or in some cases before friends and family), and implements an execution model that requires highly active collaboration among the entrepreneurs and the seed investors. The SeedFire team provides Strategic Consulting and Executive Mentoring Services to the founders to build a trusted relationship before considering the business for seed investment.

This step is essential to ensure that highly active collaboration is impactful and that the founding team is receptive to strategic input. To enable companies to compete and win in the global market, we actively provide mentoring in strategy, product management, sales & marketing and other key areas and minimize cash spent during the product development process.

  • Though generally sector agnostic, SeedFire invests in the fields of Enterprise IT, software (infrastructure, eCommerce, social, mobile), communications and healthcare.
  • While investing, we seek breakthrough technologies and entrepreneurs with a vision that could make a real difference in their sectors.
  • Currently, our focus is on Indian startups that want to succeed in India and potentially abroad and may need investment, mentoring and sales & marketing support.

  • Value Addition

    Investment is just a tool and not the goal. The blend of investing and operating experience of our team, positions us well to add value to our portfolio companies

    Apart from funding, we support our portfolio companies through active and ongoing "hands on" assistance

    • Comprehensive support for the startups throughout the life cycle through our STartup as a Service (STaaS) offering
    • Board level participation for executive mentoring, strategic planning and decision making
    • End to end support in infrastructure, prototype and product development, recruitment and other operational through our Business Incubation services
    • Global sales & marketing strategy formulation & execution through our Marketing & Sales as a Service offering
    • Access to our network of incubators, accelerators, enterprises and other startups enabling our portfolio companies to enter into new markets, create innovative solutions and collaborate to increase the success rate
    • Providing necessary business services such as accounting, payroll, legal etc in a very cost effective, shared model considerably reducing the Opex
  • Evaluation Process

    We have a structured evaluation process based on various parameters. It consists of due diligence and careful analysis of the company, market, technology, customer / adoption, competitors, management team, financial projections and last but not the least exit strategies.

    Please find below the template to submit your business plan
    • Slide 1     Title Slide
    • Slide 2     The Problem in the Market (tell in story format)
    • Slide 3     Your Solution (your product/service)
    • Slide 4     Your Business Model (how you’ll make money)
    • Slide 5     Your Special Sauce / Underlying magic (why you’re product is so unique)
    • Slide 6     Your Customer Acquisition Strategy i.e. marketing and sales
    • Slide 7     Your Competition (best to present in a matrix format)
    • Slide 8     Your Team (including key advisers)
    • Slide 9     Traction (key milestones you’ve met)
    • Slide 10   Your Current Status and Timeline for Growth
    • Slide 11   Your Financial Projections (key assumptions)
    • Slide 12   Your Funding Needs (including use of funds)
    • Slide 13   Your Exit Strategy (highlight comparables where appropriate) and call to action
  • Submit a Business Plan

    Entrepreneurs seeking funding and mentorship

    If you believe you would be a good fit for us after reviewing our philosophy, then the best option to find a mutual connection to us. LinkedIn is a great tool, please use it. To submit your business plan to executive summary, please Connect